Specialist Details

Prof. Dr. Harun-Ur-Rashid( PhD, FCPS, FRCP )

( Professor and Chief Consultant )

Prof. Dr. Harun-Ur-Rashid


Dr. Harun Ur Rashid, Ph.D, FCPS, FRCP is now working as  Professor and Chief Consultant in Nephrology of Kidney Foundation Hospital and research Institute since 2009.

1.He began his career in Nephrology in 1981after return from United Kingdom following his postgraduate  training in nephrology and obtaining Ph.D degree from University of New castle Upon Tyne, U.K .and  joined as  specialist teacher in Nephrology   in the Institute of Postgraduate Medicine and Research (IPGMR),Dhaka, Bangladesh in 1981with research background.

2. Since his taking up the responsibility in the department of Nephrology, development in the field of education, research and community network of kidney disease have taken place in rapid strides. He has been responsible for phenomenal improvement in the department which rose to the level of transplantation from the grass root level of Clinical Nephrology. He organized the 1st live related kidney transplantation in IPGMR,Dhaka,Bangladesh in October,1981 and started haemidialysis in 1986 and  CAPD in 1987.

3.He started Postgraduate course in Nephrology in IPGMR in 1996 under Dhaka University and since then doctors are awarded Post graduate qualification and training (MD) in Nephrlogy in Bangladesh. Doctors from  Nepal were also trained up in Nephrolgy in this country.

4. Besides conducting many research activities and guiding many others, he has published  156  articles in recognized journals.

5. He is responsible for guiding the postgraduate students for the dissertation required for Fellowship examination of Bangladesh College of Physicians and Surgeons (FCPS) and  also  guided more than 50   thesis of students enrolled for "MD -nephrology" of the University of Dhaka .

6. His activity also includes editing scientific journals like Bangladesh Renal Journal from 1981-2009 and Journal of Institute of Postgraduate Medicine and Research from 1986-1998,where he was the Founder Editor.

7. In 1998,He appointed as project director to establish the National Institute of Kidney Disease and Urology  in Bangladesh and became the Founder Director of that Institute from 2002-2003.

8.  In 2003, he established Kidney Foundation of Bangladesh and became the Founder President. He started a- not- for -profit hospital and Institute for poor and needy people of Bangladesh for treatment of kidney disease, dialysis and transplantation.  Kidney Foundation hospital now became the largest dialysis and transplant center in the country. The Kidney Foundation of Bangladesh is a referral center declared by International Federation of Kidney Foundation and awarded Joel D. Copple award in 2013.

10.He took the pioneer role establishing the Nephrology, Urology and Transplant society of South Asian Regional countries (SAARC) in 1999 in Dhaka ,Bangladesh and became the founder secretary general of the society in 1999 and became President of that society in 2005.

11. He took active role to frame the "Organ Act law in Bangladesh" which passed in the parliament in July 1999.

12. As a member of various national and international organization, he is responsible for communication in organizational and research activities besides his personal participation and presentation in large number of international and national conferences. 

13. His leadership has been a source of inspiration for the Bangladesh Renal Association, Society of Organ Transplant and the Kidney Foundation in Bangladesh.

14.He awarded gold medal by Association of Physician of Bangladesh(SGM Chowdhury memorial oration) in 1998,by Nephrology, Urology and Transplant society of South Asian Regional countries (SAARC)  in  2005 and Marchentile Bank Foundation in 2012 for his outstanding contribution in the field of Nephrology in this country.

15.He was  given recognition award by Bangladesh Medical Association of North America for his significant contribution in teaching, education and organization of the clinical services for advancement of Nephrology care in Bangladesh in 33rd annual convention, Baltimore, USA, 2013.

16. He is a trustee member of University of Science and Technology which was established in 1995 and also a founder trustee in "Bangladesh Institute of Health Sciences" from 2014.He is also an active council member Bangladesh Diabetic Association since 2005.

17. He is a Founder President of Society of Organ Transplantation in Bangladesh since 2010 and also acting  as  Vice president of newly formed "Bangladesh network of NCD control and prevention" formed in December, 2015.

18. At present, he is a Council member of ISN and Co chair in the South Asian regional board of ISN and received ISN pioneer award in 2017.