Dialysis Facilities

Overview of Dialysis Unit in Kidney Foundation


Dialysis Ward: Number of Beds Now 93


Number of dialysis in Kidney Foundation Oct. 2004 - Sept. 2020


Dialysis Facilities at Kidney Foundation Hospital

  • Kidney foundation is providing dialysis at low cost  without compromising the quality of dialysis.

  • The cost of one dialysis session in KF is 1600 taka(US$ 18.00  whereas in private dialysis centers the cost varies from US$ 40.00 – 58.00.

  • Performed more than 3.5 lacs (3,60,616) dialysis sessions at reduced cost for last 16 yrs.

  • The total amount of money thus saved for patients over the last 16 yrs was 930.00 million  taka (US$ 10.90 million) as compared to proft centers.


Characteristic of Dialysis patients in Kidney Foundation Hospital

Total no. of patients
Mean age 50.92 yrs (range 16-75); M-159, F-256)


Duration of Study

Oct 2019 –Sep 2020

Twice weekly dialysis


Thrice weekly dialysis


Mean Hb

8.8 gm/dl

EPO therapy





Survival of Dialysis patients in Kidney Foundation